Scouting is outings!

Scouts get the most out of Scouting when they go on outings. This is where they learn the most, both from things that go right and things that go wrong. Outings are where they bond and build lasting friendships. Outings are where they can demonstrate and build leadership skills and scout spirit. And, of course, outings are where they build their outdoor skills as well. Outings provide many opportunities to complete rank advancement requirements and some merit badge requirements as well.

In Troop 834, the outings are selected by the scouts. Each Fall, the boy leaders gather for an Annual Planning Conference. They brainstorm a list of potential outings that is then winnowed and a rough calendar is set. The Assistant Scoutmasters then meet and determine if they can support the plan by providing supervision and helping with any necessary reservations such as for campsites. The revised plan is then sent to the Troop Parent Committee for final approval.

what kinds of outings does 834 d0?

The list of "typical" outings is long and varied. Some popular examples include Overnight Camping on Angel Island, Canoeing the Russian River, Skiing at Mt. Shasta Ski Park, Backpacking from Sunol to Del Valle Regional Parks, Summer Camp at Wolfeboro, Clamming and Sand Dune Sliding at Dillons Beach, Backpacking in the Trinity Alps, Biking on the Bay Bridge. If it's outside, active, and adventurous the Scouts of 834 are all in.

how do outings work?

The Patrol Leader Council assigns a scout to be Senior Patrol Leader in Charge of the Outing (SPLICO). The SPLICO, with the guidance an Assistant Scoutmaster in Charge of the Outing (SICO), sets the vision for the outing. From this vision, the outing details are determined. The SICO generates an information sheet/Permission Slip. The SPLICO leads the outing with the active mentorship of the SICO (whose primary responsibility is SAFETY for all). The scouts run the outing. Gear distribution and packing, food purchasing, cooking, and clean up are typically done by the scouts under the leadership of the SPLICO.