What uniform items Does My Scout Need?

Each scout needs:

  • "Class A" beige scout shirt with the following:

BSA emblem patch (usually comes pre-sewn on the shirt)

Flag patch (usually comes pre-sewn on the shirt)

Golden Gate Area Council Shoulder Patch (This patch may not come on the shirt and may need to be purchased.)

Shoulder loops in BSA forest green

834 numeral patch (The troop will provide this for you.)

  • Neckerchief - The troop will give this to you.

  • Neckerchief slide - You can get the official BSA slide or the scout can make one of his own. Some boys make them out of paracord. Just ask the other scouts about this.

  • Green scout pants or shorts. Most of our scouts choose the nylon (dries fast!) convertable pants. The lower half of these pants can be zipped off and worn as shorts (and even as a swim suit!)

  • Scout belt

  • Green scout socks

  • Scout Book - This is one of the most important items. Any requirements that a scout completes will be signed off in his scout book. The sooner you get this, the sooner you can start earning ranks. As soon as you can please go through the small Youth Protection bocklet inside the front cover of the Scoutbook with your scout then sign off that this is done under the SCOUT requirements near the back of the book. Make sure your scout writes his full name on the first pages as all the books look alike!

  • Red "Class B" uniform t-shirt - The troop will provide this to you.

  • Optional Red Jacket - These can be purchased from the troop.

Where Can I Purchase Uniform Items?

Troop 834 has a collection of hand-me-down uniform items available such as pants, shorts, and even hiking boots. We encourage you to look through them before heading to the store. Our only request is that if you take an item, you wash and return it when it is outgrown.

If you are unable to find hand-me-downs that work for you in our collection, or if you just prefer new items, scout uniforms and books can be purchased either at any of the following places:

  • Golden Gate Area Council Service Center - 6601 Owens Drive, Suite 100, Pleasanton

  • McCalou's Department Store - 589 San Ramon Valley Blvd, Danville, CA

  • Scout Shop in Pleasant Hill - https://scoutshop.ggacbsa.org/

  • Online at ScoutShop.org

where do i place things on the uniform?

A guide to placing the various patches on the uniform shirt can be found in the beginning pages your the Scout Handbook or on this BSA webpage. The patches can be adhered to the uniform by sewing, using adhesives such as Badge Magic or by contacting local providers. If you would like the name of someone in San Ramon who can sew the patches on for you, please ask the Troop Committee Chair for more information.