Troop Credits

How to Earn Troop Credits

Troop Credits are earned through participation in troop fundraisers such as Christmas tree recycling and Jamba Juice sales at the Art & Wind Festival.  Scouts are "paid" hourly troop credits for working at these events.  An hourly rate is determined by dividing the total profits raised by the total number of hours worked by all scouts.  The hourly rate is then multiplied by the number of hours each scout worked and deposited in his troop credit account.

How to Use Troop Credits

Troop Credits can be redeemed for troop outings such as backpacking trips or Wolfeboro summer camp, for troop dues, or for scout-related purchases such as backpacks, sleeping bags, hiking boots, etc. To redeem your troop credits, please fill out a Check Request Form and submit it to the troop treasurer, Mrs. Zhang, at a troop meeting or by emailing  Troop credits must be used within two months of the date that a scout ages out or leaves the troop.

current balance

Balance as of 6/17/2024




A, Gregor




C, John


D, Aiden


D, Angelo


D, Darien


C, Kaushal


D, Oliver


D, Jacob


D, Elias


D, Zachary


F, Max


G, Christopher


H, Kellen


J, Viraat


K, Bryce


L, David


L, Elliott


L, Mason


M, Aathma


M, Nikunj


M, Renzo


M, Pranauv


N, Max


N. Oliver


O, Brendan


O, Ryan


P, Max


Q, Lucas


Q, Arnold


R, Arush


S., Adhrit


S, Veer


S, Abir


S. Nevan


T, Ali


T, Alailima


T, Arjun


T, Maui


V, Anirudh


W, Andrew


W, Denis