New Scout Equipment List

Welcome to Troop 834 also known as “The Shack” in reference to our wonderful facility which includes a large supply of camping gear. Unlike some other troops, we have most of the equipment necessary for your scout’s enjoyment. This includes camping cook kits, tents, tarps, and stoves. We also have backpacks available for younger scouts to check out from our Quartermaster to allow them to experience backpacking and camping before making a decision on a purchase. Your scout will require his own gear as listed below. As parents we want the best for our children. As scoutmasters we have to warn you that expensive items will get damages, lost, stolen, misplaced, wet/and or mildewed, ripped, torn, dirty, all in the name of good fun. There is a lot of VERY expensive gear out there, but we recommend you start small and simple.

Required Clothing

Scouts will require a class A uniform, tan shirt and scout shorts or convertible pants. (The zip off legs are a nice feature) Each scout will be issued a class B shirt and opportunity to buy a red scout jacket. In our target first class room are gently used uniforms as well as hiking boots. Feel free to use and return when your scout has outgrown them. ALL CLOTHING SHOULD HAVE YOUR SCOUTS NAME OR INITIALS IN INDELIBLE INK


Hiking Boots and scout socks.

Scout belt – required.

For Outdoor Adventures

We start with our ten essentials:

Ten Essentials – Carried on all outings

For Camping – Either Drive in or Backpacking

Sleeping Bag – 10-30 degree. There are two types – down and synthetic. Modern down bags are now treated to help repel moisture. (They do not insulate if the feathers get soaked) Synthetics insulate better when wet but are harder to pack down. Aegismax makes an affordable down model in the 30 degree range called the M2. REI has a bag called the Ambient which is rated at 36 degrees. The temperature range is only a guide.  The bag needs to be able to compress to fit in a backpack. If it does not fit in your child’s school backpack it is too big. If your child sleeps cold but a lower rated back, i.e. 15 degree.

Mattress/Ground Pad – The primary purpose of a ground pad/mattress is to insulate the scout from the ground. The bottom half of the bag does not provide much in the way of insulation as the material is compressed. There are many types, but the most common are solid foam and inflatable. (there are some that self-inflate – but they have the same issue with tears/holes) For young scouts we recommend the classic ThermaRest Ridge Rest or a comparable model. Any solid foam pad will provide insulation.

DiningScouts do not need their own cook kit, especially not the classic BSA version. They will need a plate or bowl, utensils and a cup. An insulated cup for hot cocoa is nice to have. Metal is a bad idea due to both weight and heat transfer. A simple shallow solid plastic bowl and spork should suffice. Walmart also sells a plate, utensil and cup combination for $6.00.

Clothing – Varies based on the outingI but in general cotton should be avoided.   Wool and sythetics are best since they retain their insulating abilities even when wet.  Layering, having multiple light garmets that can be combined depending on condtions is idea.  A stocking cap is crucial.  Wool socks for hiking are crucial.  BSA policy is no non BSA graphic tees.  Mark all clothing with scout's name.  Additional packing lists are sent out before each outing.


Backpacks – We have backpacks to be checked out by new scouts. Otherwise a smaller pack that has a height adjustment is a good option.




Electronics of any sort

Sheath Knife

Camping Cookware